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01 February, 2018

Repair Bricked Huawei Modems

How to Repair any Bricked / Half Dead Huawei Modem and Mobile WiFi’s

You can repair bricked Huawei E3231 Hilink Dongle, bricked Vodafone R215 (Huawei E5372) as well as half dead E3276 dongle with the help of firmware update. This post is different from others, which will help you to repair all half dead / bricked Huawei MiFi’s as well as Huawei normal / hilink modems. In this repairing solution, we are going to take the help of Huawei Flasher 1.6

How to Repair any Bricked / Half Dead Huawei Modem and Mobile WiFi’s ?

1. Download the Huawei Flasher 1.6 By Fr3nsis tool from above link and run it.

2. Connect the Huawei’s MiFi / data-card in PC with USB cable.

3. Click “Read Modem info”. It should automatically select the COM port.

4. If it is Hilink modem / MiFi routers and does not comes with COM port, then you need to enable it, before getting detected by Huawei Flasher software.

5. If it is correctly detected then download the compatible firmware according to the model from any sources.

6. Click Select Firmware – Extract from EXE from menu, and choose the file from PC.

7. It will ask you browse the folder, choose any folder from desktop and click on OK.

8. It will extract the firmware in different parts in that folder and it will select that automatically.

14 January, 2018

Huawei E303 Hi-Link Unlock Sri lanka

Unlock Sri Lanka Hutch Huawei E303 Hi-Link New Algo Modem Free

Unlock Sri Lanka Hutch Huawei E303 Hi-Link New Algo Modem. After unlocking your Sri Lanka Hutch Huawei E303 Hi-Link New Algo Modem you can use any another network provider sim in it, anywhere in the world. It does not need any firmware to flash it. Just follow guidelines to unlock your modem.

Guide to unlock

  • Download the unlocked unbranded Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard / Connection manager from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.

  • Unplug your modem from your computer / laptop and change the default sim with any another network provider sim.

  • Now Connect your Sri Lanka Hutch Huawei E303 Hi-Link New Algo Modem to your PC.
  • Now dashboard will be opened automatically.
  • Just close the default dashboard of your Sri Lanka Hutch Huawei E303 Hi-Link New Algo Modem and run the downloaded dashboard / connection manager.
  • Now after running the downloaded dashboard it will ask your for password / NCK Code.
  • Just provide the NCK / Unlock password and your modem will be unlocked forever.
  • Now you can enjoy with any sim all over the world.

Note : Sri Lanka Hutch Huawei E303 Hi-Link New Algo Modem comes with 86 series IMEI. Don’t enter any wrong codes into your modem. Purchase from any server or contact us for assistance at: info@technigentlanka.net for cheapest rate unlock code (Only 2.78$).
If by any means your modem does not prompt for unlock code then still you can unlock your modem using Huawei Modem Code writer tool.

02 January, 2018

Live Broadcast from PC

How to live broadcast on Facebook, Youtube, DailyMotion, Twitter and More from your Windows, macOS or Ubuntu.
OBS Studio
At present rolling up live is being a trendy stuff in all social media. But it has been a challenge when it comes to go live of your prerecorded stuffs. You badly need a PC for it. And precise a medium or a software for it. Here comes a totally free software or a tool to broadcast your prerecorded media live on any social media. The one an only user friendly tool in the market. Open Broadcaster Software

Share your gaming, art and entertainment with the world.

Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.

OBS supports all your favorite streaming platforms and more.

Download OBS Studio

Windows 7+
macOS 10.10+

Problems with the download? Try via bittorrent

25 December, 2017

Huawei B593s-22 SLT Modem

How to unlock Huawei B593s-22 (B593) SLT Sri Lanka Telecom WiFi Router 

Recently a network SLT (Sri Lanka Telecom) has started providing internet service in Sri Lanka and also launched a beautiful router Huawei LTE CPE B593s-22 (B593). Unlocking of Huawei LTE CPE B593s-22 (B593) SLT Sir Lanka Telecom WiFi Router is quite easy and there is no technical knowledge is required.

As you might already know that Huawei LTE CPE B593s-22 (B593) SLT Sir Lanka Telecom WiFi Router comes with un-customized firmware and there is no need to flash or change the firmware of B593 SLT router.

Follow the procedure

  • Connect Huawei LTE CPE B593s-22 (B593) SLT Sri Lanka Telecom WiFi Router with another network sim to PC with RJ45 cable.

  • Now open default browser Internet explorer in your PC and type in the address bar of your Internet Explorer. (Address may be different for your router, if you have changed it manually).

  • Login into your router and Now you will get something like above screenshot. (Username : admin & Password : admin or password)

  • Now your router will be rebooted and it is unlocked forever.
Comment below if you have any further queries.

23 December, 2017

Unlock E5573s-320 MiFi

How to simply Unlock E5573s-320 MiFi

After a deep search all over the internet, found a way out to unlock the E5573s-320 v4 modem easily and successfully without any damage to modem.

2. E5573s-320/606 2.180 Firmware
3. E5573s-320/606 2.11.9 Firmware
4. E5573s-320/606 17v Web UI - Huawei Dashboard Software
5. Huawei latest modem drivers v5-mifi drivers
6. DC Unlocker

7. Paper Clip to pin to the usb connector on PCB

After dissembling the device, prepare as below image to start our bootshot method of Unlocking.

Now short boot the Paper Clip as shown below, One side over the USB and the other on the first pin next to the USB. Now connect USB cable while holding the connection for detection.

After PC detects the modem, take off the Paper Clip, your connection is now stable for flashing. ( Your can check the detection in Device Manager of your windows PC)

  • Now extract and run Balong USB downloader as adminstrator.

  • Click detect it will show as below

  • Now extract downloaded file, E5573s-320/606 2.11.9 firmware Now you should see a file called USBLOADER.bin 
Note : Keep a note of your IMEI, we need it in final steps.

  • Its time to flash!

  • Select the file usbloader.bin

Now your modem is flashing, in another word its being unlocking!

Now your Modem is unlocked and ready to use with other Operators!

Wait.. we have more to complete the process, we need to downgrade the modem firmware which was restricted by your operator,
  • On the same extracted folder open the file 'P711s-ES_Update_21.' as shown below.

Now it will download the firmware and flash it on your device automatically, sit back and wait till it shows the successful message.

  • Now we need to read dashboard to verify imei and WEbUI version

But don't worry, you still can rewrite the IMEI and Dashboard version. :)

  • Write this command below as shown in the image,


  • Now your IMEI is set and back to normal, Now will flash the WebUI to enable the Dashboard version.( A successful flashing of WebUI is shown in the image below)

  • Now, Its the final step and we need to upgrade the latest firmware where you can still use with old version but there are chances that you will face problems with this old version, So better flash the latest one without hesitation. ;)

Ready, Set, GO!
Now you can use your modem in any 3g, 4g band. All tested and working well.

Comment below for any further queries.

17 December, 2017

E5577cs-321 Modem Unlock

How to Unlock Huawei E5577Cs-321 Router? ( All Carrier Supported)

E5577Cs-321 router which carries WebUI It comes with customized firmware and can be unlocked after changing the firmware.

Unlocking of Huawei E5577s-321 locked to Zain Saudi Arabia and Viva Bahrain is also supported without bootshot method. The firmware of E5577s model works on E5577cs device and unlocking is possible.

Try this out,

1. Reset the device and connect to Windows PC using its USB cable.

2. Open “My Computer / This PC” and you will find a virtual CD-ROM.

3. Open the virtual CD-ROM and install the drivers in your Windows computer.

4. Now default IP address of E5577Cs-321 router will be automatically opened.

5. If internet is connected then disconnect and close the browser.

6. Run the firmware

7. It will ask you for password.

8. Generate flash code from Universal Master Code Tool.

9. Input the flash or firmware code in firmware update wizard when it will ask you for password.

10. Wait till successfully flashing the device.

11. Now install Huawei Mobile Partner in PC.

12. Run DC Unlocker and detect the device under it.

13. After it shows the results of your E5577Cs-321 router, then at the end of the result put the following command:


Hit enter.

14. You will get the results as shown below;

“DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1277

Detecting modem :

selection :
manufacturer – Huawei modems
model – Auto detect (recommended)

Found Applications port COM5

Found modem : E5577Cs-321
Model : Huawei E5577 (untested)
IMEI : 86726202******
Serial NR. : D2L7N15804003633
Firmware :
Compile date / time : Feb 13 2015 20:39:48
Hardware ver. : CL1E5573SM11
Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
Wrong codes entered : 1 (unlock attempts left : 9)



^NVRDEX: 50503,0,128,13 CC 12 D5 9E 13 36 35 99 7C 23 4E F5 7A C5 A9 B7 69 R2 04 5D B7 E1 0F A5 00 08 22 FA F5 90 55 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 E7 D5 F7 2C C5 9B 4F 9F CF 14 2C 5B 80 37 4D E4 E1 70 13 66 CF 79 54 DD B2 25 CA 21 F7 49 63 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

15. Copy the entire results and save it on notepad and Email it to us at

16. You can make payment here through PayPal and mention model and IMEI in the transaction.

17. We will reply once the Payment is confirmed & the Unlock Code is generated for your modem via Email.

Comment below for any further queries.

15 December, 2017

How to easily make money from adsense

Tips & Tricks to make money through Google Adsense

How Much Money Can You Make With Google AdSense

When you are building a website ajnd want to make money from it, one of the first questions you are likely to ask is "How much money can you make with Google AdSense?" It is a fair question because honestly, that number can change based on a lot of factors. 

How much traffic does your site have? What type of ads will Google run on your site? How much money are advertisers willing to pay per click?

It is important that you ask those questions. A lot of people just hear about the success stories of other people making money on the internet and think that it is easy and anybody can do it. The reality is you can make as much money with Google AdSense as you are willing to put effort in. It's not easy money, it takes work and skill, just like anything else in life. 

The Key Factors In Making Money With Google AdSense

There are many factors you need to consider when trying to estimate how much money you can make with AdSense. The most obvious factors people look at are traffic and estimated cost per click. What you might not consider is ad placement and ad design/type. Also, you now have to consider your audience's device in your AdSense ad strategy. If you aren't looking at all the factors, you are leaving money on the table. 

Website Traffic and Page views

The only way you are going to make money with advertising on the internet is if you have an audience. You need people to visit your website and in the case of Google AdSense, some small portion of those people need to click on your ads. If nobody clicks your ads, then you aren't going to make money. That's just the way it is.

On average anywhere from 1-10% of your visitors might click on an ad, so just to be safe assume some low number like 1%. To calculate how much your ads are worth, you can take the cost per click and multiply it by the number of clicks you can expect to get based on your traffic. So, if you have 100 page views and a click through rate of 1%, you will get 1 click on average. If your CPC (cost per click) is $1, then you might make $1 per 100 page views. The same formula is used to determine CPM, which is the cost per 1,000 ad views. In the case of the above estimate, you are looking at a CPM of $10.

Now, given an average CPM, it becomes pretty obvious how traffic impacts how much money you can make with Google AdSense. At $10 CPM, you need 10,000 pageviews to make $100. Next time you see a picture of someone holding up an AdSense check, think about how much traffic they needed to make that money. For many people, it is not possible to get that much traffic.

How Much Will Advertisers Pay?

You have to look at the cost per click, or CPC, numbers to get an idea of how much advertisers are willing to pay. It is as simple as that. If you are writing about a topic that advertisers aren't buying ads for, you aren't going to get paid much. For example, say you write a lot about something without a lot of advertisers like "white snow in the north pole". There are no advertisers trying to sell products or services in the north pole really. If there are advertisers, they aren't paying much because there is no competition. That means the CPC will be very low for your ads.

Imagine instead you write a lot about "diamond engagement rings". Guess what? There are a lot of businesses that want to sell diamond engagement rings because they sell for a lot of money and have a good markup. Think about every mall you go shop in or when you watch television for a while. There are tons of jewelry stores that want to sell diamond engagement rings. They all pay a fortune in advertising to get people to buy their products. On the internet, that high level of advertising spend and competition means you are going to see a higher CPC for the ads you run on your site. That means each click is worth more and you will make more.
Ad Placement Is Paramount

How often do you click on ads on the internet? 

If you are like most people, it isn't often. Now, second question.

How often do you click small ads at the bottom of a long webpage?

I'm guessing never.!

This is common sense right? People don't click on ads often to begin with. Putting ads in places where people aren't likely to click on them doesn't make a whole lot of sense as a publisher or an advertiser. That is why ad placement is so important to Google AdSense. If you have bad ad placement, you will have a low click through rate (also called CTR). If you click through rate is low, you will get fewer clicks and make less money. 

So what does a good ad placement look like?

Well, it usually boils down to one rule. Ads that are close to the content get clicked.

If you put ads closer to the content, they are more likely to be seen and clicked on. It's a pretty simple idea, but it's one that a lot of websites mess up over and over again. So, you have to have a good ad placement near the content. Some sites will put their main ad block inside the first paragraph of an article and that can work really well if it makes sense for your design. Also a large leaderboard ad at the top of the page can work well.

Also, Google AdSense limits you to three ads. If you want to maximize your earnings you are going to have the most success focusing on having just one ad unit and getting the best placement for that ad on your site. Then, consider a second, but many times you'll make more by having just one or two ads, than if you try and put ads all over your site. 

Ad Design and Mobile Devices

A lot of times people slap ads on their site with no thought to the design and how it will impact click through rates or overall user experience. Also, with mobile devices, you can assume everybody is going to be visiting your website on a laptop of desktop computer. Mobile traffic can be as high as 50% on many websites. If your ad design is solely based on traditional computers, you are missing out on a lot of opportunity.

Google now provides a responsive ad block which works well with mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. However, if your site isn't built for responsive design, this is not going to make sense for you. If you want to make the most money possible from Google AdSense, your site is going to need to be responsive. Otherwise you will be creating a bad user experience for more and more people who come to your site. More than that, people will leave your site without ever clicking on an ad.

So how much money can you make with Google AdSense?

If you can do well with all the things above, you can make a lot of money with Google AdSense. Some people make thousands of dollars a month with AdSense. Other people make $10 a month with AdSense. It boils down to how much traffic you can get, your ad placement, your niche, and your site design. If you get good at those things, you can make a lot. If you are bad at any of those things, you will be leaving money on the table. In some cases, you might be leaving a lot of money on the table.

14 December, 2017

E5577s-321 Unlock Bootshot method

How to unlock Router using BootShot Method?

Huawei E5577s-321 (locked to Zain Saudia Arabia and Other Carriers) devices running firmware version can be unlocked with normal procedure, means after changing the firmware unlocking is possible. But, other sub-models of E5577 does not allow the change of firmware. Either the devices are giving 'Error 19' or asking for the data lock code. In both of cases, you can’t unlock the Huawei E5577.

This post is especially for E5577s devices. This procedure also works with 5577Cs. Zain Zordan is also offering the E5577s-321, but it comes with firmware version and Web UI version, but cannot be unlocked by simply changing the firmware. So we will have to use BOOTSHOT method.

Requirements to Unlock Huawei E5577s MiFi Router:
  1. Screwdrivers set to dismantle the device. 
  2. Windows PC to change the firmware.
  3. Huawei Mobile Partner (for drivers).
  4. DC Unlocker.
  5. Universal Master Code tool (to generate the firmware code).
  6. WinRAR to extract the zip file.
  7. Balong tool.
  8. Huawei E5577s Usbloader.
  9. Huawei E5577s-321 Firmware version
  10. Huawei E5577s-321 Firmware version 21.316.01.00.00.

Procedure to Unlock Huawei E5577s MiFi Router.

  • Switch Off E5577s modem. 
  • Dismantle it and let the battery inside.
  • Touch the boot pin and ground of the board from any tweezer/wire.

  • Connect USB to E5577s and then with PC USB port.
  • Remove wire/tweezer from the device.
  • Install Huawei Mobile Partner on your PC.
  • Run “Balong USB Downloader” tool.Click on Detect button.
  • It will detect COM port of your device as Boot_3G.
  • Under Loader, locate the E5577s_Usbloader.bin file.You can notice one COM port of Huawei device under device manager of the PC.
  • Once ready then click on Load.
  • Wait till progress bar reach at the end.
  • Now you will notice that other new hardware found on your PC and it is installing.
  • Close the “USB Balong” tool.
  • Now you can see two COM ports under device manager.Unzip the file Huawei E5577s-321 Firmware version and run it.

Let it successfully update the device.

  • Now run DC Unlocker tool.

  • Detect your device under it.
  • At the end of the result paste the following:

  • Copy the whole results in text and Pay us on Paypal. Once we confirm your payment, we will reply you on email with the Unlock Code.

Note: The method has been tested and working fine with Huawei E5577s and E5577Cs modems. However physical reset button will not work.

10 December, 2017

Huawei E3372h-607 Modem Unlock


This blog will guide you to unlock the 4G E3372H-607 dongle of any carrier around the world, and at the same time make it a HiLink device.

Now there are many blogs out there where they will guide you to do the same and but they will not provide entire solution until you pay them a reasonable amount. There are also a few posts and videos where they show how to do it, but do not provide all the necessary software’s.

This post will cover the steps and will include links of the software’s.

If you wish to share this on any of your own blogs please do add a link to this page.


This post is to share the knowledge, and all responsibility of performing these steps is on you. Your device will loose its warranty as you will be changing the firmware and it cannot be restored easily. Hence, I will not be held responsible for any damage. Please Proceed at your own risk.

This all being said, there is not much of a risk in this method. Unlike the Unlock method for E5573cs where you had to boot shot the device and then use the USB Loader and erase the NVRAM data and then restore it, there is nothing of the sort here.

No Bootshot required
No USBLoader needed, hence no NVRAM data being erased
All your data like IMEI / Serial, remains untouched.

To proceed you will need the below list of software’s, so please download them all 1st.


4Shared download link: 
(All needed files zipped as one)


Step 1: Connect the dongle to the PC / Laptop. Let it install all the drivers and the default Dashboard and software’s. Once all installed, the Dashboard will open. Close this completely. Make sure the software is not open.

Step 2: As the original firmware is a Custom firmware, and we are going to flash the Huawei generic firmware, we need a DataLock code to proceed. This can be generated from the IMEI number. Open the Universal Master Code Calculator (Unzip the Downloaded File) and select tab Huawei tab, and enter the IMEI number of your device. Copy the Flash Code (NOT THE UNLOCK CODE).

Step 3: Extract the firmware file "E3372h-607_Update_22." and run it. It will ask for Flash/DataLock Code, enter what you got from step 2.

Step 4: Once firmware is updated, it will reconnect, and then install the Drivers "MobileBrServ.zip","FcSerialDrv.zip" and "Huawei-Hilink-driver-v5.1.2600.2781.zip"

Step 5: Extract the WebUI, "Huawei_E3372h_153_WEBUI_17." and flash it.

Your device will reboot and reconnect. Once done it will install the drivers and a WebLink will now open

Congrats, your device is now unlocked.!

 Go to settings and add the necessary APN. (I suggest to add APN for all providers)

Below steps are optional.

Please note if you do the below step, the device will be still unlocked, but you will not be able to add more APN’s.

This is because we are now going to flash the Airtel WebUI / IDEA WebUI. This will help us in selecting specific Network Modes like LTE only/3G Only/2G only.

However as its a custom Carrier WebUI, it does not allow to add any other APN’s.
The ones added in step 7, will still be present and can be used.
Hence make sure to add All APN’s in Step 7.

Step 7: Extract the WebUI from “E5573CS_WEBUI-” or “Huawei_E5573cs-609_WEBUI-” and flash it. Once done the Device will restart and it will install the drivers and a web link will now open

Idea (+ Vodafone) E3372H-607 is a 4G dongle, means it can provide you download speed up to 150 Mbps, while its upload speed limit is 50 Mbps. When you will change the SIM and connect to PC, you will see there are 0 attempts left to enter unlock / NCK code. Means it has customized firmware, and without flashing the device, it can not be unlocked.

07 December, 2017

Huawei All Modem Unlock

Here is the ultimate guide to unlock all your Huawei network locked modems for free and for new modems at a cheapest rate.

1.Strictly no devices can be unlocked from India.(Most of the devices)

2.We are not responsible for any damages caused to the device by mishandling it throughout the unlocking process.Kindly take a note that your device is available below before making a purchase.

3.Read the description before you make the payment, if your device is not listed below or if you fail to read your hash codes for new devices your payment will not be refunded unless our code does not work with your device.

HUAWEI VERSION 1 & 2 (V1 & V2)
Modems released before 2005 & between 2005-2013
Huawei E137, Huawei E153, Huawei E153Eu-1, Huawei E171, Huawei E171R, Huawei E173, Huawei E173z-1, Huawei E173u-1, Huawei E173Eu-1, Huawei E173Bu-1, Huawei E173s-1, Huawei E173u-2, Huawei E173Cs-1, Huawei E272, Huawei E303, Huawei E303s-1, Huawei E303Ms-2EW, Huawei E303s-65, Huawei E303C, Huawei E303Cs, Huawei E303D, Huawei E303Ds-1, Huawei E303Du-1, Huawei E303F, Huawei E303FH, Huawei GL03D, Huawei E303FH-1, Huawei E303 FH-1, Huawei E303s, Huawei E303S-2, Huawei E352, Huawei E352b, Huawei E352r Icera, Huawei E352Ls-5, Huawei E352s-5, Huawei E352u-21, Huawei E352s-2, Huawei E352u-2C, Huawei E353, Huawei E353s-1, Huawei E353s-6, Huawei E353u-1, Huawei E353u-2, Huawei E353u-6, Huawei E35st3Wu-1, Huawei E353Ws, Huawei E353Ws-1, Huawei E355, Huawei E355s-1, Huawei E355s-2, Huawei E355s-6, Huawei E355s-1, Huawei E355s-2, Megafon M150-1, Huawei E355s-6, Huawei E357, Huawei E362, Huawei E363, Huawei E367, Huawei E367u-1, Huawei E367u-2, Huawei E367u-8, Huawei E368, Huawei E369, Huawei E359, Huawei E359s-2, Huawei E359s-2, Huawei E372, Huawei E392, Huawei E3276s, Huawei E392u-6, Huawei E303Ms-6, Huawei E303Ms-2, Huawei E303Ms-1, Huawei E303Fs-3, Huawei E303Fs-1, Huawei HWD14, Huawei HWD13, Huawei HWD11, Megafon М100-2, Huawei HW-01F, Huawei HW-01C, Huawei E303Cs-6, Huawei E392u-9, Huawei E392u-12, Huawei E392u-21, Huawei E392u-22, Huawei E392u-92, Huawei E392u-511, Huawei E397Bu, Huawei E397, Huawei E397Bu-501, Huawei E397u-53, Huawei E397u-56, Huawei E398, Huawei E398s-81, Huawei E398u-1, Huawei E303Cs-1, Huawei E303Bs, Huawei DATA08W, Huawei DATA06, Huawei Air box, Huawei 301HW, Huawei 102HW, Huawei GD03W, Huawei GD01, Huawei EM920u-12, Huawei E398u-11, Huawei E398u-15, Huawei E398u-18, Huawei E2131, Huawei E2131s, Huawei E2131s-2, Huawei E2131s-3, Huawei E2131s-63, Huawei E3131As-6, Huawei E3131As-2, Huawei E3131As-1, Huawei E3121u, Huawei E3121s-2, Huawei E3121s-1, Huawei E2131s-65, Huawei E1732, Huawei E1815, Huawei MTS 320s, Huawei E3121 MTS / MTC Russia, Huawei E3131, Huawei E369Bv, Huawei E366S, Huawei E357u, Huawei E357s-2, Huawei E357s, Huawei E353Ws-2, Huawei E353Tu-6, Huawei UML397, Huawei E3131 As-1, Huawei E3131 As-2, Huawei T353, Мегафон M150-1, Huawei E3131s-1, Huawei E3131s-2, Huawei E3131s-6, Huawei E3131s-3, Huawei E3131s-6, Huawei MTS 420D, Huawei E3276, Huawei E3276s-150, Мегафон М100-2, Huawei E3276s-151, Huawei E352s, Huawei E352As-2, Huawei E351s-2, Huawei E3351s, Huawei E3331s-3, Huawei E3256Ws-2, Huawei E3276s-152, Huawei E3276s-210, Huawei E1831, Huawei E3276s-500, Huawei E3276s-601, Huawei E3276s-861, Huawei E3276s-920, Huawei 821FT, Huawei Megafon M150-1, Huawei Megafon M100-2, Huawei MTS 822FT, Huawei МТС 822F, Huawei E8131, Huawei E8131s-2, Huawei E3331s, Huawei E3331s-2, Huawei E3131 As-1, Huawei E3131 As-2, Huawei E3131s-1, Huawei E3131s-2, Huawei E3131s-6, Huawei E3131s-3, Huawei E3131s-6, Huawei E3236, Huawei E397Bu-502, Huawei E3236s-1, Huawei E3236s-2, Huawei E3236s-6, Huawei E3533, Huawei E5336, Huawei GP01, 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05 December, 2017

TV App

Download the Stream Lanka app

Tired of searching online for Online Live Streaming of TV Channels to sit back and watch for FREE??

Available for all Android devices,Stream Lanka App charges you only a one time payment of 10$ then it is free to download and free to use. Watch more than 120 TV channels in one app from Worldwide.
Get a subscription to watch all channels.

02 December, 2017

iPhone Unlock in Sri lanka

AT&T Factory Unlock code service for iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6,6 Plus, 6S, 6 SE, 5, 5S, 5C, 4S, 4


Fast Service 1- 24 hours



Processing Time : Normally Take 1-24 Hours.

Note : Rarely Some iPhone take more than 24 hrs (Max 4 Days) to unlock.


1) Your iPhone is locked to AT&T USA

2) Your iPhone is clean (not reported lost or stolen). You may check it for free by googling the website "checkesnfree.com" (choose US IMEI BLACKLIST there and you're good to go)

Clean IMEI means that your phone meets all the following requirements: 

- Your device isn’t reported lost or stolen, or involved with fraud.
- You must complete your contract or installment plan (including early termination fees). Or, pay off an installment plan early and then make another unlock request.
- Your device isn’t active on another AT&T account.
- If you upgraded early, wait 14 days to unlock your old device. Business customers wait 30 days.
- Your service must be active for at least 60 days with no past due or unpaid balance.
- AT&T PREPAID? (formerly GoPhone®) devices must have at least 6 months of active service.

If "Find My iPhone" function is enabled you will need to remove iCloud before submitting your unlock request.

Please send to us your IMEI number in a note when you place the order.

A refund is only possible if all the conditions described in the instructions are met.
I will send this by email OR any other convenient method you provide.

29 November, 2017

Huawei E5573s-156 Unlock

How to Unlock Huawei E5573s-156 MiFi Pocket Router?

Here I will guide you the process to unlock huawei E5573s-156 modem, Possible to unlock all Sri lankan Mobitel, Dialog & SLT modems and Worldwide Modems. Since this is a v4 modem its impossible to unlock it for free as you read in so many fake blogs.

Before proceeding with steps, make sure your device is connected to a static power supply or battery is charged at least 20% (if the device supports battery).

1. Reset the device from its reset button.

2. Switch off the Huawei E5573s-156 router.

3. Remove the default SIM card and insert any other carrier SIM card.

4. Plug the device from PC using its WiFi or USB cable.

Note: If connected through USB cable, then open My Computer >> Virtual CD-ROM and install the required software in PC.

5. It will automatically open the default page of the router ( / /

Note II: In case, it does not browse for its default IP address, try to restart the PC or device.

6. Login to the Huawei E5573s-156 with admin privilege.

Note III: To get the login details remove the battery and check or see the router manual.

7. It should redirect you to the unlocking page, where you will find an option to enter the code with a name of NCK / SIMLock Code / Unlock Code.

8. Enter the correct code of Huawei E5573s-156 which is provided by cellcute.com.

9. Click Apply / OK.

10. Once the code is accepted by the modem, it will be unlocked permanently.

Note IV: The Huawei E5573s-156 may be rebooted to display the network. Wait for a few minutes to see the network, if not, then again reset the device.

11. Once the router starts showing the network, create a new profile according to the SIM card.

You device is UNLOCKED!

If you fail to unlock from the above procedure, you need to change the firmware of the device so which you get the NV DATA via DC UNLOCKER.( BOOTSHOT method of unlocking)

To unlock Huawei E5573s-156 you need to first change the firmware, then unlocking is only possible.
How to change the firmware of Huawei E5573s-156

  • Download firmware Huawei E5573s-156 General
  • Change the SIM and connect to PC with USB cable.
  • Disconnect internet.
  • Close the software / WebUI of the modem.
  • Run the firmware update.
  • It will ask you flash code. (Comment below with model and IMEI to get the firmware code.)
  • Enter the code and wait till finish wizard.
  • Now, you have successfully flashed the device.
Reset the device and download Drivers of Huawei (It is compatible up to Windows 10). Run the downloaded driver into PC and now it will be detected.

Open the browser and type Login to device and go to SIMlock / NCK. Enter here 8 digit unlock code and enjoy your device with all operator.

How to get unlock code of Huawei E5573s-156?

  • Due to additional security of the device, you have to follow some commands.
  • Download and install DC Unlocker in your PC.
  • Detect Huawei E5573s-156 router under DC Unlocker.
  • Go to the end of the result.
  • Now copy and paste the command as shown below image "AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128" (without quotes) and hit enter.

  • Now, it will show some NV codes in hash format in pair of TWO. Copy all these and keep it in a notepad format. Send us the notepad in email or you can WhatsApp us. We will send you the Unlock Code instantly.

After trying the unlock code on the device, update the device firmware with Huawei E5573s-156 Firmware (general). Now, the device is UNLOCKED and free to use with any carrier all over the globe!

You can pay here to get your Unlock code
If the above-mentioned procedure does not work for you, leave a comment before placing an order.



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